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This article is about the Fighter. For other uses, see Bat (Disambiguation).

Batman is a Fighter from the DC Universe in MultiVersus. He was revealed alongside the game itself on November 18th, 2021, and is part of the game's initial release roster, having been playable since the first Tech Test.


Batman (real name: Bruce Wayne) is one of the three most popular superheroes from the DC universe, alongside Superman and Wonder Woman. While Batman has had various reincarnations and reinterpretations across DC's history, his most well-known backstory revolves around Bruce becoming a superhero in order to avenge his parents after witnessing them getting robbed and shot to death while he was still 8 years old and enforce justice upon Gotham City.

Following the success of Superman comic books in the late-30s, the editors of DC Comics (then known as National Comics Publications) requested more superheroes to their titles. Writers Bob Kane and Bill Finger came up with the idea of a "Bat-Man" after the former drew a rough sketch of the character described as looking like "[...] Superman with kind of ...reddish tights [...] boots gloves, no gauntlets ...with a small domino mask, [...] [and] two stiff wings." With Finger adding several touch ups to the character, such as getting rid of the costume's red highlights, the wings, and giving him a cowl. Batman's aristocratic personality, along with his detective skills, were inspired by characters from their era, such as The Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro (with 1920's The Mask of Zorro cited as a major influence), Dick Tracy, and Sherlock Holmes, amongst others.

Official Biography

The World’s Greatest Detective. He is the night. He is Batman.


The Caped Crusader and defender of Gotham City known only as Batman was born the night that a young Bruce Wayne saw his parents gunned down in front of him. Since that day, he has pledged to battle crime and protect the people of Gotham City. Despite having no superpowers or extraordinary abilities, his dedication, willpower, and intelligence have helped him stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the universe’s greatest heroes. His arsenal of cutting-edge gadgets funded by his family fortune doesn’t hurt, either.[1]


Able to blend into the shadows before jumping out with a huge arsenal of gadgets, master the content of Batman's utility belt to adapt to any situation.

Default Variant

Batman's default look doesn't seem to have a specific basis, instead, being simply an amalgamation based on most classical depictions of the character.


Batman is a bruiser-type character who specializes in mix-ups and spacing to throw his opponents off-balance. Many of Batman's normal attacks apply Weakened, a stackable debuff that causes opponents to take increased damage from all sources. This, combined with his amazing juggling potential and high mobility, makes Batman a deadly foe capable of quickly racking-up damage, especially if paired with certain Perks, such as Hit 'Em While They're Down and Snowball Effect. In addition, Batman is capable of gliding, giving him fantastic recovery.

The Batarang, his neutral attack, is the bread-and-butter of his gameplay. The projectile is fast, can be aimed, has high priority, and can be easily incorporated in Batman's combos, as well as to keep his opponent constantly on the edge. Another one of Batman's most important tools is his Side Special, Bat-Grapple, which can be used offensively, to quickly close the gap between Batman and his target, as well defensively, such as recovering.

Batman's Smoke Bomb plays a pivotal role in his kit. It provides temporal invisibility to him and his ally, which grants brief invulnerability and makes projectiles miss, in addition to make the dodge meter recharge faster. Unique to Batman is that, while invisible, he gains Hasten, which increases his movement speed, and also grants him a buff which makes his next attack apply 3 stacks of Weakened. Lastly, enemies inside his smoke bomb are slowed.

To offset Batman's powerful and versatile kit, he's among the lightest characters in the game, despite being classified as a Bruiser. In addition, his Bat-Grapple attack can be dodged by his opponents with proper timing, allowing them to retaliate. In addition, none of Batman's attacks are imbued with armor, which further contributes for his vulnerability. Lastly, opponents with disjointed hitboxes, such as Finn and Wonder Woman, can easily outrange Batman's melee attacks.

Overall, Batman is a potent fighter that can be essentially played as an Assassin, especially given his high damage potential. His kit is loaded with utility through his many gadgets, and, while he is not very cooldown dependent, his few cooldowns (namely Batarang and Smoke Bomb) should be used carefully and thoughtfully. His juggling potential through his Side Attack, Up Attack and Up Special is among the best in the game, and can easily capitallize against opponents with poor air mobility (such as the Iron Giant and Reindog).

In 2v2, Batman finds the best in allies that already have high damage output, to exploit his ability to apply Weakness. He excels with characters that can apply other types of debuff to further increase the percentage rack-up, such as Superman, Harley Quinn, and Taz. He can also be paired with projectile specialists, such as Tom & Jerry and Velma, to provide cover fire and circumvent Batman's more vulnerable aspects. Wonder Woman is also a powerful partner as she can provide much needed armor to Batman.


HOLD 🡆 + J
Batman does a sliding kick COMBO.
CHARGE and throw a Batarang ITEM. It can be aimed during flight and will return shortly. COOLDOWN applies. COOLDOWN is reduced if Batarang returns. On hit, applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
Same as ground.
🡆 + J
A COMBO of punches ending in an uppercut
Throws a forward punch. Input again to COMBO into a jab that will rush forward and aplly 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
🡅 + J
CHARGE an overhead swing. On hit, applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
CHARGE an upward jab. Input again to COMBO into another swipe. Swipe on hit applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
🡇 + J
CHARGE a leg sweep attack that BREAKS ARMOR. On hit, applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
A downward flip kick.

Equip a Bat-Bomb. Hit an enemy with an attack afterward to attach the Bat-Bomb. The bomb will detonate shortly, and launch the victim upward. Throwing a Batarang while the bomb is equipped will attach the bomb. COOLDOWN applies if the Batarang does not return the bomb.
Same as ground.
🡆 + K
Batman will aim and then fire his grappling hook gun, attaching it to fighters or the environment. The grapple will pull him to its destination and he will hit enemies along the way.
Same as ground.
🡅 + K
Batman can CHARGE an uppercut that launches him into the air.
Similar to ground without CHARGE.
🡇 + K
Batman detonates a smoke bomb, creating a smoke HAZARD that envelops fighters. While in smoke, Batman and his allies are given INVISIBILITY, receive PROJECTILE SIDESTEP, and gain faster recharge for their DODGE METER. Allies also receive brief INVULNERABILITY. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed. COOLDOWN applies.
Batman kicks down and rockets to the ground, controlling his direction as he goes.

While INVISIBLE, Batman gains HASTEN and his attacks apply 2 STACKS of WEAKENED.
Batman can dodge upward or diagonally-upward from the ground.

Fighter Mastery Track

Batman Wins Icon.png

Batman Wins
Tier 1

Perk currency.png

125 Perk Currency
Tier 2

Perk currency.png

150 Perk Currency
Tier 3

Perk currency.png

175 Perk Currency
Tier 4

Fighter currency.png

100 Fighter Currency
Tier 5

Perk currency.png

250 Perk Currency
Tier 6

Perk currency.png

275 Perk Currency
Tier 7

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier 8

Perk currency.png

325 Perk Currency
Tier 9

Fighter currency.png

200 Fighter Currency
Tier 10

Perk currency.png

500 Perk Currency
Tier 11

Perk currency.png

600 Perk Currency
Tier 12

Perk currency.png

700 Perk Currency
Tier 13

Fighter currency.png

300 Fighter Currency
Tier 14


150 Gleamium
Tier 15

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier ∞

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch
  • Ground Dash Attack
    • – On-whiff branch window delayed 8 frames
    • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • * Fixed an issue where Bat Bomb could be applied to two enemies simultaneously if hit on the same frame
  • Air Down Special
    • – Leg hurtbox size increased

ValentiNeon Hotfix

  • Batman's up air second hit now correctly adds 1 stack of Weakened

ValentiNeon Patch

  • ~ General
    • Enabled 2D Hitboxes on Batman.
  • - Air Up Special
    • Active frame window delayed by 2 frames.
  • - Ground Down Special
    • Smoke screen no longer slows enemies in smoke.
  • - Air Down Attack
    • Active frame window delayed by 2 frames.
    • Active hitbox frame window ends 1 frame earlier to prevent lingering hitboxes
  • + Air Down Attack
    • Turned off the hurtbox on Batman’s foot during this attack.
  • - Ground Down Attack
    • Added 5 frames of whiff lag to slide.

New Year Patch

  • ! Air Up Special
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent Clear The Air from canceling into other attacks on hit
  • ~ Air / Ground Special (Precision Grapple Signature Perk)
    • Explosion moved to be centered on Batman instead of the grapple hook
    • Explosion now triggers after Batman arrives at his destination, instead of after a fixed delay time
    • Reel-in travel speed up on Grapple Snipe increased to 7500, up from 5000.
  • - Air Neutral Attack
    • Increased Aerial Batarang’s startup by 7 frames, before the batarang comes out
  • - Ground Neutral Attack
    • Added 5 frames of start-up on ground Batarang throw
    • Added 4 frames of end lag that can be removed with a hit of the Batarang.
  • - Ground Neutral Attack
    • Batarang pick up returns 9.45 seconds of cooldown, down from 10.15 seconds
  • + Ground Side Attack
    • Jab 1 and Jab 2 can now be canceled into a jump on hit earlier in order to allow for more combo routes
  • + Ground Down Attack
    • Batman’s ground slide, Crime Sweeper, can now combo into any other attack on hit instead of only his down attack 2 (forward kick)

Spectator Mode Patch

Developer's Note: We have plans to allow for more combo routes on Batman from his jab combo, but those updates will come in the next patch.

  • + Ground Side Attack 2:
    • Jab 2 can now cancel into jump 2 frames earlier.
  • - Ground/Air Side Special: Now has 2 ammo with one returning every 9 seconds.
    • Explosion: Re-enabled on Signature Precision Grapple Perk.
    • Note: With the addition of the ammo and cooldown we've re-enabled the explosion and will continue to evaluate.

FestiVersus! Patch

  • ~ Precision Grapple Signature Perk
    • This perk was doing the opposite of what the text described, making Batman stronger during reel in and not spawning a proper blast at the end. The perk text and behavior have been overhauled to better match this perk’s intended use.
  • ~ Air/Ground Side Special
    • Grapple hook now ignores all other projectiles, but should be properly blocked by projectile-blocking effects.
    • Fixed an issue where Batman could suffer knockback and begin reeling in before he is launched.
    • Grapple hook and tether now break immediately if Batman cancels the attack with jump or dodge
  • - Air/Ground Side Special
    • Can no longer be immediately canceled out of if Batman has hit an enemy
    • Active Frames end earlier by 3 frames
  • ~ Side Air Attack
    • No longer applies Weakened debuff stacks on hit
    • Increased Base knockback to 1350, up from 1300.
    • Increased knockback Scaling to 12, up from 11.5
    • Added 3 frames of end lag.
  • ~ Ground Side Attack 2
    • Jab 2 angle pushed more upwards

Season 2.02 Patch

  • - Movement
    • Speed reduced to 2250, down from 2300
    • Batman moves too fast so we’ve slowed him down just a bit.
  • + Ground Down Attack
    • Second hit now applies 1 stack of Weakened debuff.
  • - Ground Side Attack
    • Second hit now applies 1 stack of Weakened debuff.
    • Increased whiff recovery by 2 frames on Jab 1.
    • Increased whiff recovery by 3 frames on Jab 2.
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Attack
    • No longer applies Weakened debuff stacks on hit
  • - Air Up Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 6 frames
  • ! Air Side Attack
    • Fixed an issue where on-hit buffs could be applied to enemies without the attack connecting with hit 2 of Air Side Attack.
  • - Air/Ground Up Special
    • Increased whiff recovery by 4 frames on Air Up Special
    • Increased whiff recovery by 3 frames on Grounded Up version
  • ! Air/Ground Side Special
    • Fixed an issue where grapple had no whiff recovery when used on the ground
    • Note: We are aware of issues with the “Precision Grapple” signature perk. This perk will be addressed in our next patch.

Others: Updated move list text for Arya, Batman, and Velma.

Season 2.01 Patch

  • ! Bug Fix
    • Batman’s hurtboxes while gliding are better aligned with the z-axis
  • ! Bug Fix
    • Bouncerang signature perk weakened stacks fixed to 3x as outlined in the previous patch notes

Season 2 Patch

  • ! Glide
    • Hurtbox z-axis issue was causing attacks to unintendedly miss Batman, while he glided.
  • ! Grounded Down Attack
    • Delayed branching into dodge and jump on hit to prevent endless chaining back into itself.
  • ! Aerial Down Special
    • Removed the ability for this move to combo back into itself in order to prevent endless chaining.
  • - Signature Perk
    • Bouncerang Weakened stacks applied reduced to 3 from 5.
    • The power level this gave for very little effort made this perk feel unfair to opponents of Batman so we reduced it a little.
  • + Aerial Side Attack
    • Able to cancel into wall slide 5 frames earlier

Season 1.05 Patch

  • - Air Down Attack
    • 3 frames of endlag added

Season 1.04 Patch

  • - Side Air Attack
    • Sair 1 increased by 5 frames before Batman is allowed to cancel out of the move due to landing.
    • This should make intended whiff (miss) lag consistent in air or landing.
  • + Side Air 2
    • Improved reliability of Sair 2 to hit in online play.
  • - General
    • Set dodge meter return to 7s from 6s.

Season 1.02 Patch

  • ~ Air Down Special:
    • Knockback angle changed to send victims more horizontally.
  • ~ Air Side Attack:
    • When landing the attack will allow carrying movement momentum earlier.
  • + Ground Down Special:
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Projectile Sidestep from dodging all projectiles.
  • + Ground Side Attack:
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the first jab to be delayed going into jab 2 when playing online.

Season 1 Patch

  • ~ Air/Ground Side Special - Fixed bug where Batman would overshoot his grapple destination if the fighter he was grappling to dodged.
    • Increased the overshooting distance when grappling to an ally.
    • Fixed Batman grapple failing at short distances under high latency
  • - Ground Side Attack - First hit added 3 frames of whiff recovery.
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Attack (coming in patch 2): Batarang pick up will now return 9.45s of it’s cooldown down from 11.55s. This change helps create a window from when the batarang is used for the opponent to react. With perks like Coffeezilla causing this cooldown to be even shorter, we felt this change was necessary to create counterplay against the batarang.

Open Beta V0.1

  • - Air/Ground Neutral Attack: Cooldown on Batarang increased from 13s to 14s. Pick up of Batarang returns 11.55 second up from 11.05. This means that the minimum time between Batarang throws is 2.45s up from 1.95s.
  • Batman’s Batarang pick-up cooldown created very small windows where the Batarang wasn’t in play. This change should make it so opponents of Batman have a larger window between Batarang attacks to gain advantage.

Open Beta V0

The goal of these changes are to give Batman earned ring-out power and additional team utility. Giving a number of different attacks and combo routes that give Batman the ability to stack and maintain Weaken Debuff on the enemy.

  • + Aerial and Grounded Side Special: Grapple can now be canceled out of using Jump or Dodge.
    • This should give Batman additional outplay options and give him some team utility that he was lacking previously.
  • + Grounded Down Special: While in smoke Batman and allies ignore enemy projectiles.
    • This should help Batman with a bit more team utility.
  • + Aerial and Grounded Neutral Attack: Batarang on hit now applies one stack of Weaken debuff.
  • + Up Air Attack 2: Applies one stack of Weaken debuff.
  • + Side Air Attack 2: Applies one stack of Weaken debuff.
  • + Grounded Up Attack: Applies one stack of Weaken debuff.

Closed Alpha, May 19th 2022

  • Batman was a playable fighter in the Closed Alpha.

November 18th 2021

  • Batman was revealed to be a playable fighter in MultiVersus.


  • MultiVersus marks one of Kevin Conroy's last performances as Batman before his passing on November 10th, 2022.
  • Oddly enough, in the initial reveal trailer for the game Batman was listed as an Assassin, despite being classified as a Bruiser both on the website and in-game.
    • This makes Batman the first Fighter to have had his archetype changed.
  • Batman's defeat animation, which features him throwing two firearms on the floor nervously, references his distaste towards guns.