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Arya Stark's Perks Collection.

Perks are a type of power-up in MultiVersus that grant various buffs to the Fighter they are attributed to.

General Perks are Perks that can be used by all Fighters. They come in one of the following categories:

  • Team (symbolized by a hexagon shape). These Perks can be selected by both players of the same team in 2v2 battles, becoming "Stacked" and having their effects become stronger.
  • Strong (symbolized by a pentagon shape).
  • Standard (symbolized by a diamond shape).

Signature Perks (symbolized by an octagon shape and the color yellow) can only be used for their respective Fighters, with the exception of the Well Rounded Perk.

General Perks are unlocked with 1,000 Perk Currency Perk currency.png each.

Perk Sets

Each Fighter has three Premade Sets and three more unlockable Custom Sets.

The Custom Sets can be freely customized by the player. The first Custom Set is unlocked alongside its respective Fighter, the second one is unlocked once the Fighter reaches Mastery Level 5, and the third one is unlocked once the Fighter reaches Mastery Level 10. The Custom Sets can only be customized in their respective Fighter's Perks Collection tab.

The Premade Sets contain three General Perks (a Team one, a Strong one, and a Standard one) alongside the Well Rounded Signature Perk. They are listed as following:

Each available Perk Set can be selected and equipped before the beginning of a PvP match.

List of General Perks




Signature Perks

Main Article: Signature Perks

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch
  • Added an option to edit Perks in Custom Game mode.

General Perks

  • Fixed an issue where all Team perks were always giving their stacked effect.

Removed General Perks

The earlier version of the tab and the removed Perks.

One of the in-game screenshots from the Media section of the official website shows an early version of the Perks tab. Said tab also includes a lot of scrapped Perks that did not make it into the Open Beta, and early icons for the Perks that did return.

Additionally, the Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! Defense Perk, which was present in the Closed Alpha, got scrapped at the beginning of the Open Beta release, with its stats being repurposed to Back To Back. Various other General Perks that were present in the two Tech Tests were scrapped from the Closed Alpha and the main game due to balancing issues. Two unused Offense Perks can be seen on the official Perks webpage. The first of the aforementioned unused Offense Perks' icon was used for Lumpy Space Punch in the Offline Mode hiatus. It's description was slightly different from the original's, and it instead dealt 2% increased knockback when Stacked instead of 10%.[1] Tony Huynh, the CEO and CoFounder of Player First Games, has stated that the glitch would've been fixed in a future patch.[2]

The aforementioned Perk, alongside a good amount of the General Perks present in the Open Beta, would also be scrapped in the Full Launch, alongside the Equip Ally Perks (of which use would be inherited by the Team Perks) and Perk Training Abilities. While the final release categorized General Perks into Team, Strong, Standard, the Open Beta categorized them in the Offense, Defense, and Utility classes. Despite the removal of the original classes, the colors associated with them (Red for Offense, Blue for Defense, and Green for Utility) are still currently being used for Perks in all three categories. All Perks (including the Signature ones) were represented by a rhombus shape, as opposed to unique shapes for each category.

Perk Sets also weren't present in the Open Beta, and Perks could've been freely equipped and unlocked with Gold Ui icons gold colored.png prior to the beginning of a PvP match.


  • During the Offline Mode hiatus, all Perks that were in the game at the time were available for free.



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