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This article is about the Fighter. For other uses, see Reindog (Disambiguation).

Reindog is an original Fighter in MultiVersus. He was revealed alongside the game itself on November 18th, 2021, and is part of the game's initial release roster, having been playable since the first Tech Test.


With Reindog being an original character made specifically for MultiVersus, and with the game's plot not being fully revealed as of yet, not much is known about Reindog's origins. His official biography from the website reveals that he comes from the world of Zanifeer that was ruled by the royal Zanifeer family, to whom Reindog acted as their "Royal Guardian" and "long-lived protector". He's also described as being the "6th wearer of the gem of power", said gem being the heart-shaped crystal that floats above his head. His website bio also reveals the fact that he's 165 years old and "Reindog" is just his nickname, while his actual name is unpronounceable.

Official Biography

Fluffy Guardian of Zanifeer’s royal family and 6th wearer of the gem of power!


The world of Zanifeer was one of the first to fall victim to the Nothing during the great dimensional cataclysm. As far as most people knew, there were no survivors… except one. Reindog is a Royal Guardian - A long-lived protector of the Zanifeer royal family assigned to keep them safe. Although he looks fluffy and sweet, the heart of a warrior beats in his chest and he will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. With the amazing powers from his gem he hopes that he can even find a way to bring back his beloved family.[1]


Don't be fooled by the fluffy face! Reindog's powerful gem grants him magical abilities to both filing around dangerous projectiles and whisk his allies out of danger.

Default Variant

Reindog's design, as his name implies, takes heavy inspiration from the anatomies of dogs (his overall body-shape, his long tail) and reindeers (his antlers). Some fans have also identified Chinese Dragon-like elements in his design as well, such as the unorthodox shape of his head and his small whiskers that appear at both sides of his mouth. He has green and beige fur, possibly in order to symbolize the theme of nature. He also sports a floating heart-shaped gem, known as the gem of power, that floats above his head and in-between his antlers.


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HOLD 🡆 + J
Reindog leaps forward, hitting with his antlers and feet.
CHARGE to spit a powerful PROJECTILE that can be aimed up or down and will bounce off terrain.
Same as ground.
🡆 + J
A COMBO of swipes and headbutts.
Reindog spins rapidly, hitting several times.
🡅 + J
Reindog CHARGES then launches upward, ramming enemy with his back.
Reindog bites above himself.
🡇 + J
Reindog CHARGES a powerful tail swipe that can BREAK ARMOR.
Reindog CHARGES a powerful tail swipe that knocks enemies downward.

Send out a heart tether PROJECTILE that is connected to Reindog, repeatedly damaging overlapping enemies. The tether can connect to allies to increase its duration. Press input again to pull the tether back, bringing allies with it. COOLDOWN applies.
Same as ground.
🡆 + K
A forward pounce attack.
A spinning forward attack.
🡅 + K
Summon and CHARGE a crystal above Reindog's head. CHARGING increases how high above Reindog the crystal spawns. It will send a bolt of lightning down every few seconds and hit enemies on the ground, applying SHOCKED. If the bolt hits Reindog or his ally, they gain ELECTRIFIED, which applies SHOCKED to the next enemy they hit.
Reindog will tumble upward and roll along the ground. Allies can pick up Reindog as an ITEM and throw him at enemies.
🡇 + K
CHARGE and launch a fireball PROJECTILE in an arc that deals IGNITED to enemies it hits. CHARGING increases the distance the fireball travels. Leaves a firewall HAZARD on hit. The firewall repeatedly applies IGNITED to overlapping enemies. Allied PROJECTILES that pass through will deal IGNITED when they hit. Can be fired multiple times before COOLDOWN. On COOLDOWN, the fireball's lifetime is greatly reduced.
Similar to ground, but shoots downward without CHARGE.

No Passives

Fighter Mastery Track

Reindog Wins Icon.png

Reindog Wins
Tier 1

Perk currency.png

125 Perk Currency
Tier 2

Perk currency.png

150 Perk Currency
Tier 3

Perk currency.png

175 Perk Currency
Tier 4

Fighter currency.png

100 Fighter Currency
Tier 5

Perk currency.png

250 Perk Currency
Tier 6

Perk currency.png

275 Perk Currency
Tier 7

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier 8

Perk currency.png

325 Perk Currency
Tier 9

Fighter currency.png

200 Fighter Currency
Tier 10

Perk currency.png

500 Perk Currency
Tier 11

Perk currency.png

600 Perk Currency
Tier 12

Perk currency.png

700 Perk Currency
Tier 13

Fighter currency.png

300 Fighter Currency
Tier 14


150 Gleamium
Tier 15

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier ∞

Role in MultiVersus

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A giant Reindog appearing in his Megalodog Reindog Variant (called the "Megalo-Dog") appears as the titular Boss in The Megalodog Rift. It shares the same moveset as the playable Reindog with one additional move in which it dives into the ground and pops back up (similar to Bugs Bunny's Down Special, Bunny Burrow). He is fought on the Sky Arena (No Platforms) Map.

The Megalo-Dog is rematched in the Triple Threat Rift. The Mutator "Air Jaws" is added, giving the arena shark-infested waters along the bottom blast zone. Shark Variants will leap out of the water if they fall in.

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch
  • Ground/Air Neutral Attack
    • + Uncharged damage increased to 4.5 from 4.0
    • + Uncharged knockback increased to 1250 from 1200
    • + Uncharged knockback scaling increased to 26 from 24
  • Air Up Special
    • + Reindog now flies more horizontally when thrown sideways by an ally
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • – No longer damages invulnerable enemies

1.04 Patch

  • Ground Side Attack 1
    • – Jump branch window delayed 3 frames

1.02 Patch

  • Ground Side Attack 1
    • – Jump branch window delayed 6 frames

ValentiNeon Patch

  • ! ‘Fire Fluff’ Signature Perk
    • Fixed an issue where Reindog’s on-cooldown fireball could still spawn a firewall after hitting terrain.
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Cooldown increased to 24s, up from 18s.
  • ~ Air/Ground Down Special
    • Fixed an issue where Reindog could spawn both a full-power fireball and on-cooldown fireball at the same time.
  • + Ground Down Attack
    • Knockback scaling increased to 19.5, up from 19.25.

New Year Patch

  • + Ground Side Special
    • Increased knockback scaling on Flounce Pounce to 11.5, up from 9.
    • Increased knockback scaling on Flounce Pounce’s sweet-spot hit to 14, up from 12.
  • + Air Up Attack
    • Flying Chomp’s vacuum knockback now chains the attack’s first hit into the second hit more reliably

FestiVersus! Patch

  • ! Air/Ground Neutral Attack
    • Fixed an issue where the projectile could be knocked away by enemies under specific conditions.
  • - Ground Up Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames to reduce how safe and spammable this attack is.

Season 2.02 Patch

  • - Ground Up Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 10 frames
  • - Ground Side Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 4 frames on both Jab 1 and Jab 2
  • - Air Up Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 12 frames
  • ! Air Up Attack
    • Fixed an issue where Reindog could branch into dodge or jump on whiff but could not branch into another attack until much later. The attack whiff branch window has been increased by 12 frames, and the dodge/jump branch windows have been adjusted to line up with the attack branch window
  • - Air Side Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames

Season 2.01 Patch

  • - Aerial/Grounded Neutral Special
    • Set cooldown so that it is a “Static Cooldown” and is no longer affected by cooldown reduction perks/abilities.
    • Increased cooldown to 18 seconds from 14 seconds.

Others: Bug Fix: Reindog disconnect crash on PS4 consoles.

Season 1.05 Patch

  • ! Ground Up Special
    • Fixed a bug where the crystal would not be visible if it exited the arena.
  • ! Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Pulling ally while they are in the grace area of the Blastzone no longer rings out the ally
  • ! Ground/Air Down Special
    • Set the max size of Reindog's fireball to be 7 times its initial size
  • - Ground/Air Down Special
    • Reduced on cooldown fireball lifetime to 0.5 seconds from 1 second.
  • - Ground/Air Down Special
    • On cooldown fireball no longer spawns a fire wall
    • Spamming fireball even when it was on cooldown was always the right answer. These nerfs to the cooldown version of the fireball are designed to give it more of a consequence.
  • ~ Ground Side Attack
    • Combo attack 1 knockback direction pushed up more
  • ~ Air Down Attack
    • Knockback angle increased to be more horizontal
  • - Air Side Special
    • Increased endlag (recovery) by 4 frames
  • - Air Side Special
    • Moved back land canceling by 4 frames
  • + Air Side Special
    • Increased hitbox size by 50%.

Season 1.02 Patch

  • + Air/Ground Neutral Attack:
    • Enemies can no longer hit the spit projectile.
  • + Air Up Attack:
    • Vacuum knockback applied to first hit to help the two hit s chain together more reliably.
  • - Ground Neutral Attack:
    • Holding down and dodging no longer cancels into the next attack as quickly to prevent extremely rapid firing of the projectile attack.

Season 1 Patch

  • + Air Up Special - Removed hitpause on ally that threw Reindog when Reindog connects in ball form
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Special - Increased cooldown from 13s to 14s
  • + Air Up Attack - Hitbox size increased

Open Beta V0

  • + Grounded Side Special: Can be canceled immediately on hit.
  • + Up Air Attack: Multi-hit will combo a bit more reliably.
  • + Grounded Up Attack: Increased hitbox size in front.
  • + Grounded Down Attack: Has faster startup.
  • - Up Air Special: Movement speed increase reduced from 2x to 1.5x.

Closed Alpha, May 19th 2022

  • Reindog was a playable fighter in the Closed Alpha.

November 18th 2021

  • Reindog was revealed to be a playable fighter in MultiVersus.


  • As of now, Reindog is the only Fighter made specifically for the game.
  • Some of the strings inside the game's code refer to Reindog as "Creature" or "Rex".
  • Despite Andrew Frankel having been announced to be the voice actor of Reindog in October 2021, Reindog has only been giving a voice in the 1.05 Mid-Season Patch, almost 3 years since the initial announcement.
  • Reindog, Bugs Bunny (in his Hollywood Bugs Variant), and Garnet are currently the only Fighters in the game to have had their defeat animations changed from the Closed Alpha. Before the change, Reindog's defeat animation used to be the same as his lobby animation. However, it was changed in the Open Beta.
    • His victory animation was also changed from being based on his Tail Wag Taunt to being based on his Default Taunt.
  • Reindog is referenced in a couple of other Fighters' moves and Taunts.
    • In Rick's Grounded Down Special, Polymorphrick Ray, Rick will turn opponents into "baby" Reindogs who are unable to attack and take higher damage (similar to the Roast Chicken debuff).
      • This effect is reused for one of Mojo Jojo's attacks on The City of Townsville Map, where he uses the Head of Anubis to turn all Fighters close to its range into "baby" Reindogs.
    • In Stripe's Puppets Taunt, Stripe will hold a puppet resembling himself beating up another puppet resembling Reindog
  • Reindog has the most Variants out of any Fighter currently in the game, having 14 confirmed Variants.
  • In the Open Beta, Reindog used to be classified as a Support Fighter, a class which was removed in the Full Launch.
  • While Reindog only makes dog noises, it seems to be a fully understandable language as he is fully translated in some trailers and the Rifts mode.