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Fighters is a term referring to the vast list of playable characters in MultiVersus. Fighters can be unlocked by purchasing them with Fighter currency and/or Gleamium. Shaggy can also be unlocked by simply completing the Tutorial and Banana Guard can be unlocked by simply logging in-game for 2 days after completing said Tutorial.


Fighters in MultiVersus are compromised of a variety of Warner Bros. Discovery-owned characters, originating from series such as DC, Scooby-Doo, and Steven Universe. There are currently 27 known playable fighters in the game, all of whom, with the exception of Reindog, originate from thirteen different franchises. Each playable fighter is classified as one of five distinct classes that best describe their playstyle.

See Fighters/List of Fighters for a dynamic list.

List of Fighters by Class

Ui roleicon assassin.png Assassin

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Assassin fighters are generally lightweight fighters whose main strengths are their combo proficiency and quick reflexes. The Assassin fighters consist of:

Ui roleicon bruiser2.png Bruiser

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Bruiser fighters are at home in the heat of a brawl and excel at melee combat using sheer brute force. The Bruiser fighters consist of:

Ui roleicon ranged.png Mage

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Mage fighters, also known as Ranged fighters, aren't as adept at close quarters combat as other Fighters and prefer to fight from a distance utilizing traps and projectiles. The Mage/Ranged fighters consist of:

Ui roleicon tank.png Tank

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Tank fighters are hefty and sluggish, although they make up for it with high defenses and devastating power. The Tank fighters consist of:


For fighters whose class has yet to be revealed.

Future Fighters

The placeholder for upcoming Fighters from the website.

More Fighters are set to be released in the game's Full Launch and beyond, both from already represented series and entirely new ones.


Fighters can use Team Colors if its respective option is toggled on via the Interface menu from the game's Settings section. If the Team Colors option is on, the Fighters' color schemes will change to red or blue depending on the team they're in. Aside from Team Colors, Fighters can also sport outlines with colors that may vary between the main player, their ally, and the enemy team (20 color options are available).

The Team Colors option will also alter the color schemes of Variants.

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch
  • Fighter Select Portraits have been changed from 3D to 2D art renders for Fighters only. Variants will retain the 3D renders.
  • We’ve added the option to turn on/off both Outline Colors and Team Colors in PvP and PvE. These can be configured in the Settings menu.


  • Prior to the Season 1.04 Patch, all Assassin Fighters used to have a passive ability called "Glass Cannon" which caused them to gain 14% more damage from all sources. This ability was most likely removed due to balancing issues.
The icon used for the Support class.
  • Prior to the Full Launch, there used to be a fifth class called Support. This class contained Fighters who had kits with defensive abilities and attacks that could heal allies. The Support Fighters consisted of Gizmo, Reindog, Steven Universe, & Velma.
  • During the Open Beta, Fighters could've been unlocked with either 1,500/2,000/3,000 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or 1 Character Ticket.
    • In the Offline Mode hiatus, all Fighters that were in the game at the time were available for free.
  • the in-game character roster from the Open Beta, like most other fighting and party games, included a designated slot for choosing a random character titled Random that was symbolized by a "?". The randomized Fighter could've been changed and/or customized by the player before the match started.



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