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This article is about the Fighter. For other uses, see Banana Guard (Disambiguation).

The Banana Guard is a Fighter from the Adventure Time Universe in MultiVersus. He was revealed on May 17th, 2024, and was released alongside the game's Full Launch and Season 1 on May 28th, 2024.


The Banana Guards are Candy People who guard Princess Bubblegum and her castle in Adventure Time. Despite their important roles, they are constantly shown to be fairly incompetent at their jobs and (like all Candy People) not very intelligent, forcing Princess Bubblegum to employ Finn and Jake to aid her instead. Due to their identical designs and similar voices, it is nearly impossible to tell one Banana Guard from another.

Official Biography


Perpetually positive, potassium-packed protector of the Candy Kingdom!

With his mighty spear and can-do attitude, the Banana Guard is ready to help save the Multiverse! If he makes time to get those gains, he can be quite the powerhouse!

Default Variant

The Banana Guard's default look is based on a normal Banana Guard's design in Adventure Time.


Banana Guard is a Bruiser-type character who specializes in zoning with his superior melee range, thanks to the spear. He's exceptional at poking opponents and controlling neutral, punishing mistakes with his powerful moves. He's surprisingly mobile in the air and is also a heavy character, being able to sustain high percentages before being KO'ed.

One of his most notable abilities is his Neutral Special, Potassium and Protein, which increases his damage and knockback temporarily. Unlike Shaggy's Neutral Special, the player is not required to hold the button, and simply pressing will cause Banana Guard to start charging. However, this also means the move cannot be cancelled normally unless the player dodges. This move is great to bait opponents offstage after Banana Guard has been knocked back, since the move will halt his falling until completed or cancelled. Lastly, this move can be turned into an anti-projectile barrier through its Signature Perk at the cost of increasing the charge time by one second.

His Ground Side Attack is incredibly versatile, consisting of three quick stabs that can be frame cancelled into other moves, most notably his Side Special. Players can also cancel it earlier, at two hits, to better start combo strings, since the third hit will always inflict some knockback. The two Side Attack cancelled into his Neutral Attack is a great KO confirm, and at very close ranges he can also cancel it into his Ground Up Attack for juggling potential.

Speaking of juggling, Banana Guard has some limited juggle potential through a combination of his Air Up Attack and Up Special, Bananacopter, both capable of racking up respectable damage and carry opponents to the upper blast zone. This, paired with his good air mobility makes him a fantastic fighter in the air.

The bread and butter of Banana Guard, however, is his Side Special, which deals surprisingly high damage (specially if he's empowered by his Neutral Special), although suffering from low base knockback and having high ending lag. While Banana Guard can score some early KO's with it thanks to its large hitboxes, the move itself is slow and he's left vulnerable after the execution; if the opponent manages to avoid, Banana Guard can be punished before being able to act again. When used in the air, the move is faster covers a decent range, being a very safe recovery option; it deals less damage and knockback, though.

Banana Guard's high damage and endurance are offset by his large frame, as well very one-dimensional gameplay, with his moveset being very predictable. Much like many other characters, Banana Guard is very susceptible to juggles, and has only one answer to them in the form of his Air Down Attack, which has a very small hitbox that cannot challenge the likes of Harley Quinn and Bugs Bunny. His vertical recovery is also very low, due to Bananacopter not covering high distances.

For 2v2 fights, Banana Guard is at her best when paired with faster characters who can effeciently frame-trap opponents so he can use his most powerful attacks; Taz, Batman, Arya and Finn are exceptional partners for this. He also pairs well with other sturdy frontliners who can keep up with him; Jason Voorhes, Wonder Woman and Iron Giant are notable examples.


HOLD 🡆 + J
Banana Guard falls face first onto the floor.
CHARGE a downward spear slam.
Banana Guard delivers a lingering kick.
🡆 + J
Stab forward 3 times rapidly.
Deliver a forward slash.
🡅 + J
CHARGE to raise his spear triumphantly as an attack.
Banana Guard stabs upwards twice.
🡇 + J
CHARGE to stab his spear into the ground, BREAKING ARMOR in front of him.
Delivers a mighty stab downwards.

Pulls out his dumbell and starts pumping some iron. Successfully lifting weights will grant a DAMAGE and KNOCKBACK buff for a short duration.
Same as ground.
🡆 + K
Let out a battle cry and charge forward with his spear, delivering a strong blow.
Lunge forward in the air with a powerful stab.
🡅 + K
Banana Guard takes lift off by spinning his spear above him.
Same as ground.
🡇 + K
Banana Guard drops his weapon and bursts out in tears that apply KNOCKBACK to enemies and ENRAGE allies.
Banana Guard comes crashing down and hits nearby enemies upon landing.

No Passives

Fighter Mastery Track

Banana Guard Icon.png

Banana Guard Wins
Tier 1

Perk currency.png

125 Perk Currency
Tier 2

Perk currency.png

150 Perk Currency
Tier 3

Perk currency.png

175 Perk Currency
Tier 4

Fighter currency.png

100 Fighter Currency
Tier 5

Perk currency.png

250 Perk Currency
Tier 6

Perk currency.png

275 Perk Currency
Tier 7

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier 8

Perk currency.png

325 Perk Currency
Tier 9

Fighter currency.png

200 Fighter Currency
Tier 10

Perk currency.png

500 Perk Currency
Tier 11

Perk currency.png

600 Perk Currency
Tier 12

Perk currency.png

700 Perk Currency
Tier 13

Fighter currency.png

300 Fighter Currency
Tier 14


150 Gleamium
Tier 15

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier ∞

Other Roles

The Banana Guard Assistant from the Open Beta.

During the Open Beta period, the Banana Guard used to appear as an Assistant that could've been spawned by the TV Item. Once spawned, he would run from side to side, dealing damage to opponents. This role has been scrapped due to the removal of the TV Item.

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch
  • Air Neutral Attack
    • + On-hit branch window 5 frames earlier
  • Air Side Attack
    • – Damage reduced to 11 from 12
    • – On-whiff branch window delayed 4 frames
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • – Strength buff is now consumed after a successful attack to an enemy
  • Ground Down Special
    • + On-hit branch window can be canceled 26 frames earlier
  • Ground Side Special
    • – On-whiff branch window delayed 4 frames

1.04 Patch

  • Emotes
    • * Fixed an issue where certain emotes would remove attack recovery

1.02 Patch

  • Ground Side Special
    • – Active hitbox window reduced 2 frames

1.01 Patch

The goal of this change is to reduce the extreme kill power on Banana Guard’s side specials and bring it more in line with the damage of the rest of the cast.

  • Aerial Side Special
  • – Reduced damage to 10 from 12
  • Ground Side Special
  • – Reduced damage to 12 from 14

May 17th 2024

  • The Banana Guard was revealed to be a playable fighter in MultiVersus.


The Banana Guard, as seen in the PvE Rifts Mode trailer.
  • The Banana Guard was leaked prematurely in the Official PvE Rifts Mode Overview trailer, where he can be seen on the character select screen for a split second.[1]
    • His name was also mentioned among the playable Fighters in an article made to promote the Full Launch.[2]
    • Prior to his official reveal as a Fighter, the MultiVersus devs and Ambassadors made several banana jokes on social media sites as little "teasers" for the character. This could possibly mean his premature leak was a planned event.
  • Banana Guard and Jason Voorhees were teased in the PvE Rifts Mode Overview trailer via two empty slots with the word "secrets" that can be seen on the updated character select screen, the first being placed between Arya Stark and Batman and the second, between Jake the Dog and The Joker.
  • Banana Guard is the first NPC to be upgraded to playable status, as the Banana Guard had been an Assistant since the Open Beta period.
  • Several MultiVersus content creators received bananas with a sticker featuring the game's logo on them in a box called "Perishable" sent to them by Warner Bros. Games a few hours before the Banana Guard's reveal trailer was posted.[3]
  • As confirmed by one of his in-game quotes, Banana Guard was added as a joke character.
  • A second Banana Guard appears during the playable Banana Guard's defeat animation.