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This article is about the Fighter. For other uses, see Bugs (Disambiguation).

Bugs Bunny is a Fighter from the Looney Tunes Universe in MultiVersus. He was revealed alongside the game itself on November 18th, 2021, and is part of the game's initial release roster, having been playable since the first Tech Test.


The origins of Bugs Bunny was, according to cartoonist Chase Craig, the cause "of [...] five or six directors and many cartoon writers". An early prototype of Bugs appeared in 1938's Porky's Hare Hunt and made two other appearances in 1939's Prest-O Change-O and that same year's Hare-um Scare-um. Prior to settling on the final name, with most suggestions relating to Ben "Bugs" Hardaway (the director of Bugs' unofficial debut short). For the character's proper debut, Charles Thorson redesigned the character after his prior experience of drawing hares, as well as competitor Disney's Max Hare from 1936's The Tortoise and the Hare and the bunnies from 1937's Little Hiawatha.

Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character from the Looney Tunes franchise created by Leon Schlesinger Productions (later renamed as Warner Bros. Cartoons) in the 1930s. Bugs is an anthropomorphic grey and white rabbit/hare known for his flippant personality. He's mostly characterized by his Brooklyn accent, his portrayal as a trickster in the various media he's appeared in, and his iconic catch phrase: "Eh... What's up, doc?".

Official Biography

The rascaliest rabbit this side of Kalamazoo.


One of pop culture’s most enduring icons, Bugs is a movie star, action hero, and sports legend with a career spanning over half a century. With plenty of Multiverse experience under his belt and a long history of team-ups, Bugs is arguably one of the least-fazed fighters in the face of this multiversal mayhem. He’s humble about it, but this smart aleck rabbit has been yukking it up on screens small and large since before most of these other fighters could walk. Armed with his wits and a few ACME-brand accessories, he’s ready to let loose the looniness.[1]


First rule of showbiz: Always keep 'em guessing, doc. Bugs has a bag of tricks so deep that not even he always knows what he'll pull out to wallop or whack his enemies with next.

Default Variant

Bugs Bunny's default look seems to be based on his design from the 2019 Looney Tunes Cartoons animated series, although he lacks the yellow gloves he wore in that show, instead wearing white gloves like in most of his other incarnations. However, early trailers and teasers for the game showcased Bugs wearing yellow gloves instead.[2]

Interestingly enough, Bugs Bunny's design from his concept art seems to have been based on his look from 2011's The Looney Tunes Show.


Bugs Bunny is a Mage-type character who specializes in trapping, zoning and bait-and-punish tactics using his various ranged special abilities. He excels at being a chaotic presence in the battlefield and exhausting his opponents with various gadgets, forcing them to get out of position and be punished by his powerful disjointed melee attacks. Bugs is also unique in that he can spawn items from his ACME box when crouching down, as well as when destroying the safe from his Neutral Special. He can also hover, similarly to Batman and Steven Universe, which aids his recovery.

His Grounded Neutral Special, a Safe Investment, makes Bugs draw a marker on the ground, which will spawn a safe from the air moments later, dealing damage to opponents on contact. The aerial version, Safe Painter, will instantly spawn the safe directly below Bugs. The safe can be launched by Bugs or his allies by attacking it, and the direction depends on the type of launching from the attack. The safe cannot be launched by opponents. After sustaining enough damage, the safe will be destroyed, and a random item will spawn from it, which can be picked by both allies and enemies alike.

His Aerial Side Special and Up Specials, have Bugs Bunny spawn a large rocket, which trajectory depends on the direction pressed. The rocket can be used as a platform (even by the opponents), or ridden by Bugs himself, making it his best tool for recovery. If the rocket is sent upwards and it disappears into the blasting zone, it'll later descend at a random spot.

Lastly, his Down Special has Bugs burrowing the ground, making a tunnel, whose length is defined by the player. Bugs and his allies can enter either the holes of the tunnel to teleport to the other; enemies cannot. This tunnel also interacts with his safe and rockets, being able to go through it.

Bugs Bunny has very few weaknesses, as his entire kit gives him the necessary tools to deal against nearly any character in the current roster. He is, however, very cooldown dependent, and if his opponent finds a way to instead force him to use his abilities in a way that will hamper his recovery, Bugs will have little means to retaliate. Rushdown characters tend to excel against Bugs as they can keep him on his toes and prevent him from using his various gadgets.

Overall, Bugs Bunny is a formidable foe capable of causing mayhem, conditioning his opponents to move out of his various traps right into his attacks. Being able to understand how his Special Moves interact with each other, and making use of it, is key to mastering the character. Using Perks that grant cooldown reduction, such as Coffeezilla, is pretty much mandatory for Bugs.

Given his versatility and flexibility, Bugs Bunny functions with pretty much any character in 2v2 fights. His best partner is probably Tom & Jerry, resulting in a truly slapstick level of comedy, with barrage of projectiles across the screen. Velma is another powerful ally thanks to her kit loaded with utility, especially thanks to her ability to reduce cooldowns.


HOLD 🡆 + J
Bugs Bunny leaps forward, hitting enemies in his path.
CHARGE a mallet swing.
Bugs Bunny does a persistent spinning punch that hits rapidly.
🡆 + J
A spinning COMBO of punches that BREAKS ARMOR.
CHARGE a forward kick.
🡅 + J
CHARGE an upward kick.
Bugs Bunny delivers an upward baseball bat swing.
🡇 + J
Bugs Bunny equips a pie. With pie equipped, press input again to throw the pie as a PROJECTILE. Bugs Bunny or his allies can hit a thrown pie to change its direction in midair. The pie HEALS allies it passes through. Bugs Bunny can throw multiple pies until he runs out of AMMO.
Throws a pie PROJECTILE if equipped; otherwise, he does a downward mallet swing.

Bugs Bunny drops a target for a safe PROJECTILE to fall a few seconds later. The safe can be hit, hurtling it into enemies. When destroyed, the safe breaks and drops an ITEM. COOLDOWN applies.
Similar to ground, except Bugs Bunny paints the safe into reality, spawning it sooner.
🡆 + K
Bugs Bunny blows a kiss that applies CHARMED to enemies, stunning them. Kissing an ally ENRAGES them, making their next attack apply maximum STACKS of WEAKENED.
Bugs Bunny launches a rocket HEAVY PROJECTILE forward with a COOLDOWN. The rocket BREAKS ARMOR and can be ridden by Bugs and his ally as a platform. This move shares COOLDOWN with Up Special. On COOLDOWN, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter forward.
🡅 + K
Bugs Bunny launches a rocket HEAVY PROJECTILE upward with a COOLDOWN. The rocket will fall back to the arena after a delay. The rocket BREAKS ARMOR and allies can grab onto the rocket as a wall. On COOLDOWN, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter upward.
Same as ground.
🡇 + K
Bugs Bunny burrows and is INVULNERABLE as he moves underground. Soon after, he shoots up and attacks, leaving tunnels where he started and ended burrowing. Bugs can exit the tunnel early by jumping. Allies that crouch over a tunnel will teleport to the partnered tunnel. Allied PROJECTILES that collide with one tunnel will launch out of the partnered tunnel. COOLDOWN applies.
Similar to ground, but Bugs Bunny will dive towards the ground before starting to burrow.

While crouched, Bugs Bunny will pull a box that spawns a random ITEM and launch it towards Bugs' nearest ally. COOLDOWN applies.

Fighter Mastery Track

Bugs Bunny Wins Icon.png

Bugs Bunny Wins
Tier 1

Perk currency.png

125 Perk Currency
Tier 2

Perk currency.png

150 Perk Currency
Tier 3

Perk currency.png

175 Perk Currency
Tier 4

Fighter currency.png

100 Fighter Currency
Tier 5

Perk currency.png

250 Perk Currency
Tier 6

Perk currency.png

275 Perk Currency
Tier 7

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier 8

Perk currency.png

325 Perk Currency
Tier 9

Fighter currency.png

200 Fighter Currency
Tier 10

Perk currency.png

500 Perk Currency
Tier 11

Perk currency.png

600 Perk Currency
Tier 12

Perk currency.png

700 Perk Currency
Tier 13

Fighter currency.png

300 Fighter Currency
Tier 14


150 Gleamium
Tier 15

Perk currency.png

300 Perk Currency
Tier ∞

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch

Bugs Bunny is living up to his identity as a strong mage a little bit too well right now. We’re hoping to reduce the time that his safe can remain on screen by making it a bit more fragile, and we’re looking to tone down some of the more toxic loops that come from his air neutral attack. 

  • Air Neutral Attack
    • – Repeat-move lockout increased to 18 frames from 8 frames
    • – On-hit jump branch window delayed 4 frames
    • ~ Attacking a safe will now only knock back the safe on the last hit of the attack
      • We’re keeping an eye on this change and may adjust in a hotfix if this makes neutral air attack + safe interactions too difficult
  • Air Up Attack
    • – Hitbox active duration reduced 2 frames
  • Air/Ground Down Attack (Pie)
    • ~ Pie projectile hurtbox size increased to match hitbox size. Should address issues with inconsistent projectile interactions.
  • Air Down Attack (No Pie)
    • + More aerial momentum is maintained on attack start-up
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special (Safe)
    • ~ Enemy attacks only do one damage to the safe; armor break hits still immediately destroy the safe
    • – Safe health reduced to 3hp from 16hp
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special (Cooldown)
    • – On-hit branch window delayed 5 frames
    • ~ Knockback angle made more horizontal
  • Air/Ground Up Special
    • ~ Lowered platform height of vertical rocket to address issues where platform collision would push enemies away from the hitbox
  • Air/Ground Down Special
    • * Addressed several issues with tunnels where fighters could be trapped indefinitely or teleported off-screen without ringing out
    • Bugs will now attempt to reverse direction if his destination tunnel is destroyed while he is traveling between tunnels
  • “Lingering Love” Perk
    • + Now has a melee hitbox while projectile spawn is on cooldown

1.02 Patch

  • Ground Down Special
  • * Fixed an issue where Bugs could cancel hitstun by jumping in certain conditions

1.01 Patch

  • Neutral Special
  • * Fixed an issue causing the Safe to hit repeatedly and rapidly in succession

ValentiNeon Patch

  • - Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Safe life time reduced to 14 seconds, down from 18.
  • + Ground Side Attack
    • Jab 2 knockback scaling increased to 20, up from 18.

FestiVersus! Patch

  • ! Air/Ground Down Attack
    • No longer heals Bugs or his allies if they are hit with a reflected pie.

Season 2.02 Patch

  • - Ground Up Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 4 frames

Season 2.01 Patch

  • - Grounded Side Special
    • Allies enraged by side special will apply 3x stacks of weakened down from 5x
    • Change also applies to the projectile spawned by the Lingering Love signature perk

Season 2 Patch

  • + Aerial Neutral Attack
    • Branches into jump earlier
    • We wanted to reintroduce some combo paths back to Bugs Bunny, while avoiding his infinite loop. We hope this change does that.

Season 1.06 Patch

  • + Neutral Air Attack
    • Spin punch branches to most attacks earlier out of on hit attacks

Season 1.05 Patch

  • ~ Ground Side Attack
    • Increased base knockback to 800 from 600 for the first 2 hits.
    • Added 0.5 knockback scaling from 0 on first 2 hits.
  • ~ Air Down Attack
    • Pushed knockback angle to be more horizontal.

Season 1.03 Patch

  • - Down Air Attack
    • Hitbox is slightly smaller to better match the visuals

Season 1.02 Patch

  • ~ Air Up Special:
    • Rocket now classified as a Heavy Projectile Purple effect added to indicate armor break property.
  • ~ Air Side Special:
    • Rocket now classified as a Heavy Projectile.
    • Purple effect added to indicate armor break property.
    • Cooldown attack no longer consumes all aerial special uses.
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Special:
    • Safe now classified as a Heavy Projectile.
    • Barriers and buffs that block projectiles now deactivate the safe hitbox until the safe is hit again.
  • ~ Air Down Attack:
    • Recovery land cancel window delayed 2 frames.
  • - Air Up Attack:
    • Hitbox active frames reduced.
  • - Air Side Attack:
    • Recovery land cancel window delayed 3 frames.
  • - Ground Neutral Attack:
    • Frame window to cancel into another Ground Neutral Attack delayed.
  • - Weight:
    • Lowered to 50 from 55.
  • - Comin' Through Doc signature perk:
    • Hitbox active duration reduced to 0.25s from 0.5s.

Season 1 Patch

Bugs Bunny is a bit too safe in everything he does. We’ve given him some additional whiff punish windows to help address this.

  • ~ Air Up Special - Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn two rockets.
  • ~ Air Side Special - Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn two rockets.
  • - Air/Ground Neutral Special - Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn multiple safes without triggering his cooldown.
  • - Safe HP reduced from 16 to 14.
  • ~ Air Down Special - Bugs' previous tunnels will now disappear when creating new tunnels.
  • - Air Up Attack
    • Added 4 frames of whiff recovery.
  • - Air Side Attack - Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • - Air Neutral Attack - Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • - Ground Down Attack - Pie max lifetime set to 8 seconds, from infinite.
    • - Pie no longer applies a slow

Open Beta V0.1

  • - Air Up Attack: Startup window increased by 2 frames, active window decreased by 2 frames
    • The hitbox made it so that Bugs Bunny hit nearly all around himself. This should make the up air a bit more reasonable to deal with.

Open Beta V0

  • - Aerial and Grounded Down Special: When exiting from Tunnels Bugs Bunny and allies’ invincibility frames have been reduced.
  • - Aerial and Grounded Neutral Special: Bugs Bunny and allies do damage to the Safe when attacking it.
    • The Safe could stay on the map for too long so we decided ally attacks can also damage the safe, reducing how long the safe stays out overall. This should provide more opportunities and openings for the enemy team to play around.
  • - Side Air Attack: Has more whiff recovery to allow it to be more punishable.

Closed Alpha, May 19th 2022

  • Bugs Bunny was a playable fighter in the Closed Alpha.

November 18th 2021

  • Bugs Bunny was revealed to be a playable fighter in MultiVersus.