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This article is about the Map. For other uses, see Bat (Disambiguation).

The Batcave is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed alongside the game itself on November 18th, 2021. A 1v1 form was added in the Full Launch.


This Map is based on the titular Batcave, a large subterranean group of caverns, located underneath Wayne Manor, that serves as Batman's command center, where he monitors all criminal activity that goes on in Gotham City, as well as the rest of the world, via the Batcomputer. The general concept of a Batcave first appeared in the Batman 1943 movie serial, where it was named the "Bat's Cave". Although Batman co-creator Bill Finger hinted that there were "secret underground hangers" in the Batman (Vol. 1) #12 comic book issue from 1942, the serial marks the first full appearance of a Batcave. In the serial, it was entered via a grandfather clock, a way the comics and other media also showcase, and had bats fly around. The Batcave would eventually get its official name from the 1944 Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #83 comic.

A lot of Batman's Bat-vehicles can be found here (such as the Batmobiles and the Batplane/Batwing), as well as a swarm of bats, almost all of the outfits he has worn in his missions, and some crime trophies, too, which include a giant mechanical T-Rex and an equally giant U.S. penny, all of which can be found on this Map. Aside from Batman's T-Rex, the Batcomputer also makes a visual cameo on it, while the aforementioned bats appear as both a Hazard and a background element. The Joker, Catwoman, and Alfred Pennyworth all can be seen on the Batcomputer's monitor screens. It should also be noted that Alfred Pennyworth was also depicted standing near the Batcomputer on the old artwork for Batcave, despite the fact that he makes no physical cameo on this Map whatsoever. Said old artwork also featured Bruce Wayne's and Terry McGinnis' Batman suit from the Batman Beyond cartoon series as being part of the several outfits seen in the Map's background, despite not actually being there in-game.



The map consists mainly of a single large body. Two Batmobiles will appear on either side of the stage to act as elevated platforms, but these platforms can be knocked down permanently if they receive enough damage.


Occasionally, one of the two sets of ventilation gates on the main platform will release a thick cloud of fog that obscures fighters who stand in it. Additionally, a swarm of bats will occasionally fly up from the bottom of the screen on either side of the main platform, damaging Fighters they touch. The Batcomputer will alert the players regarding both of these events.

Batcave (1v1)

Same as the default form, but slightly smaller.


Same as above.

Theme Songs

Batman: The Caped Crusader (Player First Games)

An orchestral remix of the Main Title Theme of the 1989 Batman movie. It also includes snippets from the game's main theme jingle.

MultiVersus Soundtrack - Batman: The Caped Crusader (Player First Games) - Gordy Haab - WaterTower

Batman: From Shadow Reborn (Original Piece)

An orchestral remix of the Main Title Theme from 2008's The Dark Knight movie. It also includes snippets from the game's main theme jingle.

MultiVersus Soundtrack - Batman: From Shadow Reborn (Original Piece) - Stephen Barton - WaterTower


  • The designs of the two Batmobiles that appear as platforms on this Map were heavily altered in the Open Beta.