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All Maps that have been released in-game so far.

Maps, also known as Stages, is a term referring to the locations where Fighters battle during matches in MultiVersus. There are currently 13 known playable maps in the game (19 if one counts variations of existing maps separately). Most maps also have unique forms for 1v1 fights.

List of Maps

Maps with 1 variation

Maps with 2 variations

Upcoming Maps

  • * This Map doesn't have a unique form for 1v1 fights.


  • The blurred Map.
    A blurred Map can be spotted in the initial reveal trailer for the game. It is currently unknown from what universe it hails from.
  • So far, the only major Universes in Multiversus to not have a Map are Friday the 13th, Gremlins, Looney Tunes, The Iron Giant, The Matrix, and Tom and Jerry.
  • Some Fighters have unique dialogue when playing on certain maps, specifically if it is one that belongs to their respective Universe. For example, Batman may comment about his poor security system when playing on the Batcave Map.