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Cosmetic Items, also known as Cosmetics for short, are items that can be unlocked and/or purchased in the Shop and used for customizing the player's user profile and Fighters in MultiVersus. Cosmetic Items can have original designs or be themed around elements from the series represented in the game.

Certain Cosmetics, which are viewed as extremely rare, can only be unlocked using the Prestige currency.

List of Cosmetic Item types

Announcer Packs

Main Article: Announcer Packs

Cosmetic Items that can change the voice of the Default Announcer with those of other characters.


Main Article: Badges

Cosmetic Items that take the form of buttons which display a statistic relevant to their theming. Two types of Badges exist: General Badges and Character Badges.


Main Article: Banners

Cosmetic Items that serve as the background for Fighters during the Vs. and Match End screens.


Main Article: Emotes

Cosmetic Items that take the form of animations that can be summoned by Fighters. Two sub-types of the Emote cosmetic exist: Stickers and Taunts (the latter being Fighter-specific).

Profile Icons

Main Article: Profile Icons

Cosmetics Items that represent the player's main avatar.

Ringout VFXs

Main Article: Ringouts

Cosmetic Items that take the form of animations that play when Fighters are rung out.


Main Article: Variants

Fighter-specific Cosmetic Items that the change the Fighter's physical look. Certain Variants completely replace their Fighter with a completely different character.


Other Cosmetic Items that don't fit in the aforementioned categories:

  • Founder's Name Style - a special Cosmetic Item that changes the font of its user's name from classic white/black to shiny golden. Only released as a unique perk for people who purchased the Premium Founder's Pack.