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The Water Tower is an upcoming Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed through the Full Launch key art released on March 11th, 2024, and is set to release sometime during Season 2.

A "Hazardless" version of the Map with special graphics, known as "Cyber Water Tower", was released early as part of the Techno Terror Rift in Season 1.


This Map is based on the Warner Bros. Studios lot, the main setting of the original Animaniacs television show and its reboot, which itself is based on the real world Warner Bros. studio in Burbank. The iconic Warner Bros. water tower, which became a symbol for the company (and the main home for the Warner siblings in the show), appears prominently on it. Hot air balloons based on the three Warner siblings and Pinky & The Brain appear whenever a Ringout occurs. The Acme Labs building from the "Pinky and the Brain" segments of the show can be seen in the background (using its new design from the Animaniacs reboot), alongside the magnet which appears in the show's intro and the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo parked in its front. In the Lot itself, a filming set which resembles the Tree Fort Map and the Hollywood Hills which spells out "MultiVersus" can be seen in it, alongside many other references to both the original and the rebooted Animaniacs shows, such as the rocket seen in the 16th episode of the series' reboot protruding from the roof of one of the studio buildings, two giant stone statues based on Flavio and Marita Hippo, and a small tank engine operated by Yakko Warner himself. The Warners' coach and Yakko's world map can be seen inside the Water Tower whenever its door opens, alongside a random Fighter taunting the players. One of the Fighters confirmed to appear inside the Tower is Superman.

Multiple posters for fake "Warner Bros. produced" movies can be seen plastered on the studio buidlings' walls:


Water Tower

The map consist of a large body with two small platforms situated on both sides, and a central platform situated in the middle of the map.


The door of the Water Tower can be opened after being a hit a certain amount of times, knocking opponents away. Balloons based on the heads of the Warner siblings and Pinky & The Brain will spawn on the left side of the map when the first Ringout occurs. These balloons act as platforms with walls and can be popped.

Theme Songs

Come On Down to the Warner Bros. Lot

An orchestral composition loosely based on the instruments used in the Animaniacs Theme Song, featuring small references to the "I've Got a Ha'Penny" song from the Wakko's Wish movie. It also includes snippets from the game's main theme jingle.

MultiVersus Soundtrack - Come On Down to the Warner Bros. Lot - Gordy Haab - WaterTower


  • This Map's theme song ("Come On Down to the Warner Bros. Lot") was first heard at the EVO 2022 tournament, roughly two years before the Map was formally revealed.