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The Court is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed and released on October 16th, 2022, originally only available in The Lab and in custom matches (via Create Online Lobby and Local Play). The Map was later added to the online Map rotation on December 6th, 2022, although it was quickly removed due to internal issues.[1]

A separate variation called The Court 2 was released alongside the game's Full Launch, alongside a 1v1 form of its own.


This Map is based on the basketball court from the Tune World from Space Jam: A New Legacy, in which LeBron James, alongside Bugs and the rest of the Looney Tunes, battle Al-G Rhythm's Goon Squad in order to save the Tune World, the real world, and LeBron's son, Dom, from Al-G's evil clutches. The court itself is a recreation of Dom's basketball video game "Dom Ball". The default variation takes place during nighttime, while The Court 2 variation takes plcae during daytime, a possible reference to how The Court looked like in the movie prior to the basketball game starting and the Tune World being invaded by various WB characters.

This Map's background also features various elements from Tune World that were seen in the movie, such as the apartments from its city, an unnamed castle, various windmills, and a waterfall, as well as Marvin the Martian's spaceship (which will always be seen landing near the Map when a match begins and taking off into space when the match ends). Various references to the Looney Tunes franchise can also be seen:

  • Foghorn Leghorn's barn;
  • The ACME bomb factory;
  • The tree with the "Duck Season" sign;
  • A giant X from Planet X;
  • The Eiffel Tower from Pepé Le Pew's shorts.

In addition, multiple cameos from other WB-owned franchises that were present in the movie can also be seen here:

  • The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo.
  • The iconic Warner Bros. water tower (its design from the movie was specifically based on its Animaniacs counterpart, though it was altered in-game for unknown reasons).
  • The iconic hot air balloon owned by the classic Hanna-Barbera character Peter Potamus from the franchise of the same name.

Multiple accessories can be seen sitting on the benches, such as water bottles, an "ACME" cap, LeBron's game plan, LeBron's crown water bottle, and popcorn boxes sporting the faces of the movie's main antagonists, Al-G Rhythm and Pete. Besides the benches lay two coolers sporting stickers resembling a basketball, the Goon Squad's logo, the Looney Tunes colored concentric circles, and Shaggy in his raged form. It should also be noted that while this Map's artwork depicts several blacked-out figures spectating the match, no NPCs can actually be seen in-game.

The Court 2 variation also contains a small nod to Road Runner after a fossil shaped like him that can be seen buried underground.


The Court

The map consists of a flat surface with walls on both sides. The walls of this map are initially closed off, although they will break after gaining enough damage either by Fighter's attacks or by throwing other Fighters at it (similarly to the walls of the King of Fighters Stadium stage from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). The walls will eventually regenerate later. There is also a basketball hoop on each side of the map, with their backboards acting as pseudo-platforms/walls.


A basketball item will occasionally spawn in the middle of the map (after roughly 22 seconds have passed since the match started). The basketball itself acts as an item, and can be picked up by Fighters in order to be launched in either of the basketball hoops found on both sides of the map and increase their score with 2 more points per dunk. The hoops will also produce a small explosion whenever the basketball hits them. The basketball can also be thrown at Fighters to damage them. There are also three power-ups that will spawn in the middle of the map, above the basketball's spawning point:

  • The blue power-up grants its user a speed boost.
  • The pink power-up grants its user a jump boost.
  • The brown power-up grants its user a strength boost.

The aforementioned jumbotron doesn't do much outside of counting down the initial ~22 seconds at the start of the match before the Basketball item appears, after which it will display the words "Dom Ball" once and stay silent for the rest of the game. Fighters can't interact with the jumbotron.

The Court 2

This variation takes place on a body surrounded by two pits as opposed to a flat surface. The breakable walls are also missing. The basketball hoops are now suspended in air, and will move backwards for a few seconds upon getting hit by a flying Fighter.


Same as above, but the giant jumbotron is completely absent.

The Court 2 (1v1)

Same as the the normal form, but the overall Map is smaller.


Same as above.

Theme Songs

Space Jam: Enter the Multiverse

An original orchestral composition inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy's Official Soundtrack. It also includes snippets from the game's main theme jingle.

  • NOTE: The official "Music of MultiVersus" upload doesn't include the Idle Theme section. For this reason, a second, fanmade, upload of the song will be used until the "WaterTower" version is uploaded online.
Music of MultiVersus - Space Jam: Enter the Multiverse
For the Idle Theme (02:09)

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch

The Court 2 variant has been added to the game!

Season 2.02 Patch

  • The Court
    • It’s time to BALL UP and BALL OUT! The Court is finally getting drafted from Custom Matches and will be joining the 2v2, 1v1, and Silly Queue map rotation. Time to turn those pickup games into officials!
    • The walls on The Court will now break after one wall bounce and will now respawn after a short time and push players inward. We are hoping this change will mitigate the effectiveness of camping by the blast box, and to help keep the ball in bounds!

Season 2 Patch

Space Jam Map Updates!

  • We're now keeping score of baskets made!
  • Scoring a basket now awards points based on the distance thrown. Try for some difficult 3 pointers!
  • Basket scores will now be broadcasted on the BIG screen!
  • Attacking a player holding a basketball item will cause that player to drop the item. Try fighting for control of The Court!
  • The Court's walls can no longer be attacked and will only break on a player wall bounce.
  • Space Jam is still only available in Custom matches or in the Lab.
  • Any feedback would be appreciated as we continue to hone in a version of the map for queue!

Season 1.05 Patch

Space Jam (Experimental)

  • Space Jam is available to play in Custom or the Lab.
  • We are still evaluating updates to the map to make it feel fair for inclusion in our 2v2 and 1v1 queues. Feedback welcome!

Season 1.04 Patch

New Map

  • A new map will be appearing very soon that can only be played in custom games. It's new and experimental, so we would love for players to try it out and give us feedback on how to improve! More details soon!


  • Marvin's Spaceship and the Mystery Machine, both elements that cameo on this map, were first teased in the cinematic "You're With Me!" trailer, though they were shown appearing on Trophy's E.D.G.E..
  • The basketball hoops from The Court 2 variation are suspended in air via little rockets, as opposed to being attached to elastic poles like in the default variation due to the earth beneath them being gone.
  • This Map was originally known as Space Jam Court in Season 1 (Open Beta).