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The Throne Room is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed on November 15th, 2022 and released on December 14th, 2022. A 1v1 form was released alongside the game's Full Launch.


This Map is based on the Great Hall, informally known as the Throne Room, from Game of Thrones. It's located within the Red Keep, and it houses the Iron Throne, where the king or his Hand holds court, receives petitioners, and oversees official ceremonies. All new monarchs have been seated upon the Iron Throne.

When starting a match on this Map, A short animation will play in which various gears around the Map will move frantically while the House Lannister sigil is seen rising on the window behind the Iron Throne, which then gains all of its swords. When the Map transforms, three wolf head statues can be spotted at its bottom, referencing the emblem of House Stark.

The three wolf heads and the gears seen on the Map, as well as the overall "transforming" animation detailed above, are all a reference to the Season 8 Opening Credits of Game of Thrones.


Throne Room

The Map consists of a single, large body divided in 3 parts. The first and third parts have walls that cover the entire sides of the Map, and are much smaller compared to the middle part.


After a few seconds upon starting the match, the first and third parts of the Map will eventually descend underneath the Map's body, taking the walls with them and giving Throne Room a similar layout to Training Room and Sky Arena. If Hazards are turned on, than the parts will eventually return and repeat the cycle, if not, then the parts will not return once they've descended.

Throne Room (1v1)

Mostly the same as Throne Room, but visibly smaller.


Same as above.

Theme Songs

Game of Thrones Medley for MultiVersus

A remix of Game of Thrones' iconic main theme.

Music of MultiVersus - Game of Thrones Medley for MVS

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch

Throne Room

  • 2v2 Variant
    • Increased upper limit 300 units

Spectator Mode Patch

  • Fixed a bug causing the Game of Thrones: Throne Room Map's transformation animations to not play when playing online.

FestVersus! Patch


Game of Thrones: Throne Room Map

  • Winter has come! Welcome to the Throne Room, where you and your ally can compete for the Iron Throne! The stage walls will rise and fall over the course of the match, drastically changing the landscape of the fight! Try to capitalize on vertical ring outs to press your lead before the walls retract and leave you to fight over what little land remains. Who will claim the throne?