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The Sky Arena is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed and released on July 19th, 2022. It has a separate variation without platforms. Both variations also sport different forms for 1v1 fights.


The Ancient Sky Arena was first seen in Steven Universe's sixth episode of its second season, "Sworn to the Sword". It's the location where the first ever Gem battles of the Rebellion took place. Throughout the series, Pearl used this location to train Steven and Connie.

Amethyst and her whip can be seen on these Maps (albeit only her hand is visible). Other Steven Universe characters are also indirectly referenced via background objects:

  • Steven Universe (via his sword, jester hat, and cheeseburger backpack);
  • Connie (via her sword);
  • Blue Diamond (via her Ship and the blue octahedron);
  • Yellow Diamond (via the yellow octahedron);
  • White Diamond (via the white octahedron);
  • Eyeball and the Ruby Squad (via the Roaming Eye);
  • Pearl (via several Pearl Points, her school board, and her sword);
  • Holo-Pearl (via her sword);
  • Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond (via her sword and the shattered pink octahedron);
  • The fictional ice cream mascot Cookie Cat (via a sticker of said ice cream).

It should also be noted that despite appearing on the official artwork for these Maps performing his iconic Portal Creation ability, Steven's Lion doesn't actually make a cameo on either version of Sky Arena. Other background objects that can be spotted on these Maps include a box of donuts from the Big Donut, several Yummy Apple Juice cans, two Durian Juice beverages, and the pizza with all toppings.


Sky Arena

It's overall design is very similar to the Training Room (Platforms) Map, but with the main body being slightly smaller.

Sky Arena Platforms (1v1)

Almost identical to Sky Arena Platforms, but the main body is smaller and the platforms are closer to each other.

Sky Arena (No Platforms)

Its overall layout is very similar to that of Training Room, but the main body is slightly smaller.

Sky Arena (1v1 No Platforms)

Almost identical to Sky Arena, but the main body is smaller.

Theme Songs

Steven Universe: Sky Arena

An orchestral remix of "We Are the Crystal Gems", the intro song and main theme of Steven Universe. The song is also known as Skyward.[1]

  • NOTE: The "Music of MultiVersus" upload includes an extended intro that's currently not heard in-game. However, that upload misses the Idle Theme of the song. For this reason, two uploads of the song, one of which is fanmade, will be used until the "WaterTower" version is uploaded online.
Sky Arena Stage (We Are the Crystal Gems) - MultiVersus Soundtrack
Extended Intro

Steven Universe: Sky Arena (Synth Pop)

A synth-pop remix of "We Are the Crystal Gems".

Sky Arena Stage (Synth Pop Arrangement) - MultiVersus Soundtrack

Update History

Season 1.05 Patch

Sky Arena has another music track!

  • The music track will randomly come up when playing the map!

Open Beta V0


  • During the Open Beta period, the No Platforms variation of this Map was treated as the main variation.
    • The Maps were also known as Sky Arena, Sky Arena (1 vs 1), Sky Arena Platforms, and Sky Arena Platforms (1 vs 1).
  • The Open Beta patch notes refer to Sky Arena as Ancient Sky Arena, the name used in the show.
  • When these Maps first released during Preseason, there was a small chance that they would play Training Room's theme song ("Adventure Awaits") instead of their own. This glitch was later fixed in Season 1.
  • The positions of the Roaming Eye and Blue Diamond's ship were swapped in the Season 1.02 Patch.
    • In addition, the ship's model was switched from being based on a right hand to being based on a left hand, as it was originally portrayed in the show. This error was not fixed in the artwork for the Maps, however.




MultiVersus - Sky Arena Orchestra (Strings Section)