The City of Townsville

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The City of Townsville is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was revealed through concept art shown in the Official Developer Update video released on March 11th, 2024.


The City of Townsville is the main setting of The Powerpuff Girls series. The show's Narrator always opens each episode with the phrase: "The City of Townsville...". Despite its name, however, Townsville is, in fact, a city and not a town or village. The Map seems to mainly take place atop the city hall, formally titled Townsville Hall, with other landmarks appearing in its background, such as Mojo Jojo's Lair, the Townsville Park, a building from Little Tokyo Townsville, Malph's Market, the Townsville Bank, the Townsville Mall, the Townsville Museum (alongside an advertisement for the Head of Anubis), an avertisment for dog food featuring the Talking Dog, and advertisment for the Donut King, a building represented by a giant crown that's possibly owned by the Morbucks Family, and an ad for a firm called "Whoops Ass", referencing The Powerpuff Girls series' initial title: Whoopass Stew. Several election advertisements for The Mayor of Townsville can also be seen, alongside several references to Cucor's Pickles. HIM's face can sometimes appear on the clock tower from the left side of the Map (referencing a scene from the original series' season 4 episode "Him Diddle Riddle"), The White Kitty can be seen in the Townsville Park under a tree, and Ms. Bellum's silhouette can also be seen moving inside the Townsville Hall via the building's windows. Multiple cockroaches can also be seen crawling on one of the Hall's pillars, a possible reference to the "Insect Inside" episode.


The City of Townsville

The Map seems to consist manly of the Townsville Hall. Mojo Jojo's saucer appears as a platform that moves back and forth between the left and right sides of the hall.


Mojo Jojo acts as a sort of mini-boss for the Map. He will appear at both the left and right sides of the Hall and will try to disturb the fight with several attacks, all of which can be used against him:

  • Throwing bouncy bombs that explode after their fuse runs out. These can be picked up by Fighters like Items and thrown at each other or at Mojo to damage him.
  • A giant magnet that pulls all Fighters towards Mojo. If Mojo is hit during this attack, the magnet's polarity will be reversed.
  • The Head of Anubis which turns all Fighters close to its range into "baby" Reindogs. The Head of Anubis can be disarmed with enough damage.
  • A giant laser that deals lethal knockback to any Fighter it touches. The laser's trajectory can be redirected.

After taking enough damage, Mojo will fly his saucer into the left side of the hall, completely destroying it and making the Map's layout smaller. He will later also ram into the right side of the Hall as well, making the Map even smaller. Once defeated, Mojo's saucer will be sent flying into the horizon, effectively removing his hazard for the rest of the match.

While active, Fighters can use his saucer as a platform, where they can easily attack him.

Theme Songs

The City of Townsville

A remix of the Main Theme from The Powerpuff Girls.

Music of MultiVersus - The City of Townsville

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch


  • Mojo Jojo increased interval between attacks
  • Bombs and laser knockback reduced
  • Mojo Jojo takes more damage before attacks are interrupted


  • During the The City of Townsville's cameo in the Official "Stars Collide. Pies Fly." Launch Trailer, a billboard depicting the Tree Fort Map can be seen on one of the buildings in the background.[1]




MultiVersus - Stage Showcase - The City of Townsville