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This article is bout the Map. For other uses, see Cromulons (Disambiguation).

Cromulons is an available Map in MultiVersus. It was first seen on July 22nd, 2022 in LeBron James' Gameplay Trailer, and it was later fully revealed on July 29th as part of the in-game "Show Me What You Got" event, which stated that this Map would be unlocked once the community managed to collectively reach 10 million Ringouts. The goal was reached only a few hours after the announcement was made public, causing Cromulons to be released quicker than expected, alongside a separate form for 1v1 fights.


This Map is based on the music stage seen in the fifth episode of the second season of Rick and Morty, titled "Get Schwifty". In that episode, Rick and Morty are hired by the president of the United States to sing on this stage in order to satisfy the wishes of the Cromulons, and their leader, Armagheadon, who appear as background elements on this Map.



Cromulons consists of a hovercraft with a visualizer and a base on it. There are two speakers on each side of the hovercraft, and a small platform in the middle of the Map. The Speakers can be destroyed.

Despite the stage being basicaly a giant floating platform, players can't go underneath the hovercraft.

Cromulons (1v1)

Almost identical to Cromulons, but the main body is slightly smaller.

Theme Songs

Rick and Morty: Show Me What You Got

An orchestral remix of the intro song of Rick and Morty. It also includes some excerpts from "Get Schwifty".

MultiVersus Soundtrack - Rick and Morty: Show Me What You Got - Gordy Haab - WaterTower

Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty

A remix of "Get Schwifty" from Rick and Morty.

MultiVersus Soundtrack - Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty - Stephen Barton & Kevin Notar - WaterTower

Update History

1.05 Mid-Season Patch


  • 2v2 Variant
    • Main stage and side speakers width increased 20%
    • Blast box size increased 10%
  • 1v1 Variant
    • Main stage width increased 20%
    • Blast box size increased 10%

Season 1.02 Patch

  • Cromulons and Cromulons (1 vs 1) - Added a new floating platform to both versions of Cromulons.

July 29th 2022

On July 29th, MultiVersus Twitter account set a stretch goal to have a total of 10 Million Ringouts as a community to unlock the Cromulons map.[1] Just 3 hours later, Cromulons was released to the public.[2]


  • Before the Season 1.02 Patch, the Cromulons Map did not possess a middle platform.
    • Said platform was also first teased in Morty's Gameplay Trailer.
  • The Cromulons (1v1) map was originally known as Cromulons (1 vs 1) in the Open Beta.