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This article is about the Company. For other uses, see PFG (Disambiguation).

Player First Games is a game studio founded in 2019 and established in Los Angeles, CA. They are the studio developing MultiVersus.

Originally an indie studio, Player First Games has become a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Games after being acquired on July 22nd, 2024.[1]

Official Description

Player First Games is a new game company founded to create games to serve under-served and passionate communities of gamers. Started by industry veterans, Player First Games seeks talented professionals who want to build a company aligned to a mission of player trust and service.[2]


Main Staff


Tony Huynh.png

Tony Huynh

CEO and CoFounder

Tony has been a combat and systems designer and lead for 15 years on titles like God of War 3, God of War Ascension and League of Legends. Tony and Chris met while leading a game team at Riot Games.

Chris White.png

Chris White

CTO and CoFounder

Chris has over a decade of experience in game and platform development. He focuses on building and leading product focused engineering teams.

Jon Diesta.png

Jon Diesta

Art Director

Concept artist turned Art Director, Jon has been in the games industry for over 14 years working on various Disney Interactive and Warner brothers titles. His most notable work was on Disney Infinity for the character designs and art direction.

Artak Avakyan.png

Artak Avakyan

Animation Director

Artak is both a skilled animator and tech artist. He was the cinematic lead on God of War: Ascension, where he built numerous animation pipelines and tools. Prior to joining us, he ran his own indie studio, Lightbound Studios, focused on VR games.

Stefan Kovatchev.png

Stefan Kovatchev

Audio Director

Stefan is a lifelong sound designer with a passion for game audio that has been lucky enough to work for companies like Respawn, Blizzard, and Amazon Game Studios, having most recently worked with the audio team on Jedi: Fallen Order. After seven years in the industry, Stefan joins us as our Audio Director

Daniel Kraft.png

Daniel Kraft

Principal Developer

Daniel has worked in the games industry for nearly a decade. He has animated and been a development generalist on projects like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Hawken.

Katie Hancock.png

Katie Hancock

Production Lead

Before coming to Player First Games, Katie worked at FoxNext and Disney Interactive. She has years of experience with art and outsourcing pipelines, as well as producing on engineering and game design teams. Now, she can’t wait to create games players are going to love for years to come.

Lis Walmsley.png

Lis Walmsley

Operations Manager

Lis brings two decades of Human Resources and Operations experience to the studio. She keeps everything around the office running smoothly and efficiently.

Craig Louie.png

Craig Louie

Principal System Designer

Craig joins us from Sledgehammer Games, where he drove the design and implementation of numerous systems on the Call of Duty franchise.

Veigar Bouius.png

Veigar Bouius

Director of Product

Ricky Linn.png

Ricky Linn

Lead UI/UX Artist

Khai Tran.png

Khai Tran

Lead Technical Artist


The PFG Mascot, as seen in "PFG Arrival", a currently unreleased Ringout.

The Player First Games logo features a mascot character: a simplistic, white humanoid silhouette with a red cape. They make several appearances in the core game via selectable cosmetics, such as Banners, Ringouts, and Profile Icons.

While their official name is not known (if it has one), several fans referred to them as "PFG Guy". Without official clarification, the name was somewhat canonized with the similarly named "PFG Snow-guy" Banner, which features a snowman version of the mascot.

Several similar silhouettes of other colors surround the mascot in the "PFG Team" Ringout VFX. These other characters supposedly represent the main staff at PFG, which could also be true for the main mascot.

List of Games

  • MultiVersus [Open Beta] (2022; First Game)
  • MultiVersus (2024; Upcoming)




PFG New Year Thanks Video - MVS